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Protecting Your Real Estate Investments Since 1986

Private Property is the Foundation of ProsperitySM

Practice Devoted Exclusively to Clients Who Own Real Estate

We provide high-quality legal representation and advice to clients involved in retail, office, industrial, multifamily, hotel, restaurant, and home development properties, and other businesses for which real estate is a core asset.

There is No Substitute for Experience. Since its inception in 1986, the firm has maintained a broad based, property related transactional practice. This wealth of experience allows us to develop a complete understanding of client objectives, and to offer tailored service to assist with any challenge you are facing. Providing legal services as a specialist in property related transactions enables us to rapidly get on track with new clients, and to properly serve existing clients, many of whom we are pleased to have represented for decades.

Real estate deals require substantial investment, with potential exposure to risk and liability well beyond the amount invested. To protect you, we assure that documents are meticulously drafted to be clear and concise, yet completely address all significant issues.

We concentrate on creating a cooperative attitude between all parties involved in a transaction. Building on this cooperative attitude throughout the transaction is the most cost-effective way to reach consensus and maximize benefits for the client, while minimizing exposure to contingent liabilities and further expense.

Practice Areas

Our firm provides legal advice and representation in the following areas:

Areas Of Practice

Decades of Experience, Tailored Real Estate Solutions
I have had both a personal and professional relationship with Steve Kiser for over 25 years. During this time, Steve has represented our family's varied real estate interests in many different ways. Several words come to mind when asked to describe Steve – thoroughness, knowledgeable and integrity.

Steve's respect for his profession and passion to his clients is rare in today's world of attorneys. Every detail is considered, thoughtfully with the client's end goals in mind. Our family has many different legal firms that we have used in our over 40 years of real estate development and I can say unequivocally, that Steve is the most trusted in my rolodex.

-DG - Real Estate Developer