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Property and Project Financing

Our firm can assist you with all types of conventional and securitized financing, including acquisition and development, construction, bridge and permanent loans. We can also help with equity financing, recapitalization, loan modification agreements and lender workouts.

Kiser Law is dedicated to real estate related transactions, which gives us an edge when dealing in the specialized and constantly evolving arena of structured financing. We help borrowers navigate the complexities of the financing and refinancing process.

Our seasoned legal advice and representation will benefit you in dealing with:

  • Loan applications
  • Commitments
  • Lending and rate lock agreements
  • Loan documents, guarantees and subordination agreements
  • Legal opinions
  • Letters of credit
  • Participation loans
  • Multi-property security
  • Mezzanine financing
  • Interest rate swaps

We strive to maintain a strong bargaining position for our clients, in order to negotiate the most favorable terms at all stages of the financing process. We recommend that all significant loan terms be addressed at the initial loan application stage, when it is possible to negotiate from a stronger position than after becoming irrevocably committed to the loan. Matters such as non-recourse provisions, guarantees, required reserves and capital expenditures, impounds, lender involvement in leasing, cash management agreements, lock-out periods, prepayment/defeasance formulas and fees, subordinate debt, partial releases and other issues are more likely to be resolved to the borrower's satisfaction at the outset of the lending process, rather than at the commitment stage or after draft loan documents have been circulated.

We focus on minimizing risk as we negotiate, structure and document loans secured by real estate and personal property. We offer practical solutions that lead to prompt resolution of issues and deals that close on time.

"I have used the services of the law offices of Steven C. Kiser for the last fifteen years. He has assisted me in a number of extremely complex negotiations - his direction and especially his attention to detail have been exceptional. I am very comfortable in stating that without his help my business life would be significantly more difficult."