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366 San Miguel Drive
Suite 312
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Phone: (949) 760-1164

"My purpose with this writing is to strongly endorse Steve Kiser as a legal counselor and advocate for those who prize careful attention to detail accompanied with unquestioned personal integrity. In the course of my business interests, I have employed and worked with quite a number of highly skilled attorneys in California and Kentucky, and in matters dealing with property Steve ranks with the very best. Steve has assisted me on a range of real estate matters including selling a financially significant long term leasehold interest to a large public company, purchasing fee simple rights from an awkward family partnership with life estate survivor issues, and all matter of tax questions flowing from each transaction. As a further complication for him, I have a law degree and Steve graciously handles my clumsy "Monday morning quarterbacking" of his efforts on my behalf. In matters of business and law, it is attention to detail that separates the good from the very best. When I rush and pass over the small details, I take comfort in knowing that Steve will not, and in so doing will produce the best results possible for me and my family."