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Client Testimonials

Steve has counseled us for more than 10 years on a number of real estate transactions and other matters. His advice is always legally sound, results-oriented, economically practical and very thoroughly considered. During my 40-year career as a corporate executive, on Wall Street and now as a venture capital investor, I have worked closely with many top-ranked corporate attorneys at the largest, most prominent law firms. Steve does as fine a job as any lawyer I've seen.

ML - Investor

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve for nearly 25 years. Besides his responsiveness and prompt follow-through, I have learned that I can always count on his critical analysis with regard to document review. Steve understands my business needs, specifically, he recognizes my important deal points, which allows for efficient discussion, time saved, and great results.

RL - Real Estate Developer

My purpose with this writing is to strongly endorse Steve Kiser as a legal counselor and advocate for those who prize careful attention to detail accompanied with unquestioned personal integrity. In the course of my business interests, I have employed and worked with quite a number of highly skilled attorneys in California and Kentucky, and in matters dealing with property Steve ranks with the very best. Steve has assisted me on a range of real estate matters including selling a financially significant long term leasehold interest to a large public company, purchasing fee simple rights from an awkward family partnership with life estate survivor issues, and all matter of tax questions flowing from each transaction. As a further complication for him, I have a law degree and Steve graciously handles my clumsy "Monday morning quarterbacking" of his efforts on my behalf. In matters of business and law, it is attention to detail that separates the good from the very best. When I rush and pass over the small details, I take comfort in knowing that Steve will not, and in so doing will produce the best results possible for me and my family.

DP – Automobile Dealer

I have worked with Steve for over two decades in my capacity as a partner in an international CPA firm and as a trustee of a large estate. I have consistently found him to be an extremely efficient and competent advisor. Unlike some attorneys, I have found his counsel to be pragmatic and based upon a wealth of prior experience. Steve has delivered his services promptly without unreasonable delays. Steve has my unqualified endorsement.

DA – Board Member of various public companies

I've been working with Steve Kiser for over 15 years and believe him to possess excellent skills to assist any company seeking legal advice on anything from contract verbiage to specific business and bank transactions. Steve consistently provides outstanding advice and will take the lead to provide direction on complex issues, including indemnity language provisions to best protect your interests. His responses are quick, and combined with his personalized service and extraordinary knowledge of law, you're assured to be dealing with someone who assists in every step of the negotiation process to final document production. I would definitely recommend Steve to any company seeking only the best professional legal service.

RM – Development Company CFO

I have used the services of the law offices of Steven C. Kiser for the last fifteen years. He has assisted me in a number of extremely complex negotiations - his direction and especially his attention to detail have been exceptional. I am very comfortable in stating that without his help my business life would be significantly more difficult.

JK - Automobile Dealer

I have worked with Steve for over 20 years involving many complex real estate and other business issues. He has always been thorough, efficient, knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with.


I have had both a personal and professional relationship with Steve Kiser for over 25 years. During this time, Steve has represented our family's varied real estate interests in many different ways. Several words come to mind when asked to describe Steve – thoroughness, knowledgeable and integrity.

Steve's respect for his profession and passion to his clients is rare in today's world of attorneys. Every detail is considered, thoughtfully with the client's end goals in mind. Our family has many different legal firms that we have used in our over 40 years of real estate development and I can say unequivocally, that Steve is the most trusted in my rolodex.

DG - Real Estate Developer

Steven C. Kiser has handled my real estate investments for 22 years and has provided excellent service. I feel fortunate to have him as an adviser and friend.

DS – Real Estate Investor

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